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We take pride in offering quality, timely interventions that are well suited for your business in an African market. No matter your level of know-how of tech ideas or the scale of business, we are always there for you.

Walk with us through these easy steps to transform your business.

Our Initial Interaction

We can set up a physical meeting and alternatively, we are always willing to reach you remotely via video, text or audio. We take your requests and assess your needs, problems and market dynamics.

The Pitch

We will prepare a well-illustrated, initial pitch of the design options based on your problem for you to choose from. These include an estimation and cost-benefit analysis of all the options to help you choose which of them best suit your needs, your pocket and your ambitions.
Here, we interact with you to clarify the objectives of your project and conclude on the way forward.

Detailed Proposal on Finalized Design

Depending on the scale of your project and with your preference in mind, we prepare a proposal.
Here, we produce a detailed design of your project and work with you every step of the way for clarification on your preferred specifications.

Contractual Agreement & Financials

After a review and acceptance of the finalized design, we present you a contract after factoring costs and terms of agreement. This step will also include us setting achievable goals with specific financial responsibility and specific project stage delivery for us. When this is finalized, we dedicate ourselves to meet your timelines with impeccable results.

Development & Testing

During development, all you have to do is review a biweekly report that our project manager would submit to you. You will also conduct testing with our team to uncover issues related with functionalities and that will be used to finalize development.

We’re done!

You have yourself a software with top-notch design content that has undergone rigorous quality control mechanisms, and suits your preferences. We would then deploy the software for you.