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What is Decasoft?

Decasoft technologies is a tech solutions company. We help businesses optimize processes and improve results by helping them create and install tech tools. We are a team of young innovative software developers, designers, project and product managers, and digital strategists who have executed projects across a wide range of sectors. Including the Education, Real Estate, Banking/ Finance, and Legal industries in Nigeria.

What are the services provided by Decasoft?

We provide a variety of services to our clients which focuses around optimization of processes with IT solutions. These include:

  • Consultancy
    We provide expert advice and tech support to individuals and businesses looking to launch or/and grow their enterprise.
  • Training & Support
    We provide training exercises for our clients and individuals on using tech solutions to improve their businesses and achieve better results.
  • Business Process Automation and Optimization.
    We create and provide tech solutions that help businesses automate and improve their processes, resulting in faster execution and better results. Our solutions help businesses maximize productivity and improve their potential.
  • Software Development
    We develop software solutions to help businesses optimize and automate their processes, improve execution and deliver results. Our software solutions are tailored to your business needs and specifications to ensure desirable results.

How much does Decasoft cost?

The costs of using Decasoft solutions would depend on the particular product or services you want access to but be rest assured that we offer our services at competitive prices with the goal of giving you high quality productivity boost for the African market, at affordable prices.

Is Decasoft the same as Decanet?

Decanet is just one of our many products offered at Decasoft. With Decanet, we offer the provision fast, efficient and unlimited internet access to businesses and families at cheap and affordable rates.

What is Decasoft’s Track record?

We have consulted for and served a wide variety of clientele from various sectors to provide innovative and cost-effective IT solutions for their business problems in the African market.