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Decasoft is synonymous to innovation. With our team of professionals and tech experts, we employ innovative ways to develop and deploy cost-effective solutions that can drive down the cost of doing business in Africa.

We use state-of-the-art technologies to deliver these solutions to our customers and our work speak for itself as we recognize that technology is key to solving the problems that plague the African continent.

We are shaping businesses with the solutions and services we offer, tailored to meet business needs. We love to help businesses optimize and customize their processes and we will be happy to help you too. We also do this by partnering with organizations whose visions resonate with what Decasoft is all about.

Empathy, Respect, Integrity and Innovation are the core values we hold dear to our hearts as we understand their roles in achieving Decasoft’s mission.

Our Mission

To find and provide more efficient ways to build African business by reducing cost and offering tailored for the African market.

Our Vision

To provide cost effective technological solutions to African businesses, help them meet market demands and compete globally.

Our Values

  • Empathy

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Innovation


We believe in the value of our teams and we provide a safe and comfortable space for them to thrive with innovation. Our people are core to us.


Ideas rule the world. We pride ourselves in respecting the ideas and opinions of everyone that works with us.


We believe trust is key to doing business and working with people. Integrity is premium to us.


We innovate to drive down the cost of running businesses in Africa through the solutions we develop.


We are a team of young innovative software developers, designers, project managers, and digital strategists who have executed projects across a wider range of sectors including the Education, Real Estate, Banking/ Finance, and Legal industries in Nigeria. Our most notable traits include our teamwork and ability to meet deadlines with top quality solutions.