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5 Network Marketing Companies and What Your Business Can Learn from Them.

5 Network Marketing Companies and What Your Business Can Learn from Them.

Successful network marketing companies are successful because they understand the power of network marketing softwares to improve business processes, monthly recurring revenue and profitability. Network marketing software like the DecaMLM software is helping businesses become effective in their network marketing efforts and strategies.
We have put together here five network marketing companies that have been in the network marketing game for decades. They have something to teach your business and you have something to learn from them.

With a revenue of US$ 8.8 billion in 2019, Amway, the direct selling company has made its mark in the network marketing industry for over fifteen years. They deal in beauty and healthcare products.

What your business can learn from Amway
– Learn to empower other businesses. Amway does this a lot and this impacts their revenue positively
– They invest in product innovation. Innovation makes your business relevant.
– Always deliver on your brand promise.
– Customers need support, support them in whatever way and with whatever tool at your disposal.
– Have a people-focused culture, they value their talents and they inspire their achievements.

Vorwerk was founded in 1883 and the company’s history has spanned over 130 years. Though it started as a carpet factory, it has transitioned to become an international corporate group that deals in cosmetic products and superior household products.

What your business can learn from Vorwerk
– Businesses have the ability to stand the test of time if it has a long-term mindset.
– Know when to diversify your products and services.
– Be ready to embrace change and deliver exceptional quality.
– Commit to high standards in all areas of your operations.

– Have a vision for your business.

Telecom Plus is the UK’s only fully integrated provider of utility services in the Communications and Energy markets. They supply fixed wire and mobile telecommunication services, gas, and electricity to residential and small business customers.
What you can learn from Telecom Plus
– You can’t do it alone. Sometimes, you need investors. Always seek help.
– Be flexible. Flexibility makes you open to ideas.
– Offer competitive pricing for your products and services.
– You can stand out in your industry if your services are exceptional.
– Do not despise small customers. They can make a significant contribution to your revenue with their numbers.

Cosway, started in 1979 and with over 40 years in business distributes a variety of products, from health, skin and personal care products to cosmetics, household appliances, fragrances and organic foods.

What you can learn from Cosway
– Do things in a smarter way.
– Don’t be afraid to share business success secrets. Cosway empower their consumers with their business model.
– Consistently strive to improve and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.
– Get a strong business network and be knowledgeable about your industry.
– Prioritize customer safety and deliver quality products.

Vestige has been dealing in world class wellness products since 2004. Their vision is to transform the lives of people through wellness. They specialize in manufacturing and production investing a lot of resources to make this happen.

What you can learn from Vestige
– Have a great marketing plan
– Your management team is crucial to your business success.
– Your business branding matters a lot. Vestige uses entrepreneurship to describe their network marketing.
– Share your customer stories and put them in the spotlight.
– Create a great and challenging environment for employees to work.

Notice that these five companies are transgenerational and have a high taste for maintaining standards. They are visionary and have leveraged the power of networks that network marketing brings using software solutions. You too can start today with DecaMLM.

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